Germany Small On Grid Solar System 600 Watt Balcony Solar Panel 600w Balkonkraftwerk


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Product Information

TTN Mini on grid balcony solar system


The system integrates with solar panels, Inverters and cables and mounting bracket, All components ready.

Easy Installation:
No requirement for professional installation team, Quick assembly in 10 minutes.

Plug and Play:
No need to change and home grid design and structure, directly plug into wall socket to use.

Guaranteed Quality:

10 years quality warranty, 25 years extra linear power output warranty on solar panel.
On Grid Solar System 600W
Quantity (Pcs)
Solar Panel
Mono 300W Solar Panel
2 Pcs
Micro Inverter
1 Pcs
PV Cable
Single-core PV Cable
20 Meters
PV Connector
2 Pairs
oof or Ground Installation
1 Set or Custom
The form is for reference only. It needs to be customized according to your needs, balcony size, etc. Please contact customer service, and we will provide you with the best solution.
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