875KW rooftop solar system installed by TTN Electric for Juyi Group

On June 19th, TTN Electric installed on grid solar system for Wenzhou’s famous footwear manufacturer Juyi Group which is located nearby OuJiang river

At the beginning of March this year, TTN Electric has been signed a contract with Juyi Group for about 75kw rooftops on a grid solar system. The installation area of photovoltaic power in the roof of the plant was more than 10000 square meters and entered construction in mid-March. The total installed capacity is 875 kilowatts, the grid voltage is 380 volts, the design power output is about 1 million degrees, and the total investment is about 6000000 yuan.

According to the sunshine intensity in Wenzhou, the minimum generation capacity of the roof of the giant group is more than 1 million degrees in one year. According to the daytime power consumption of the Juyi Group, it is calculated by about 1 yuan. If and country subsidy is 0.42 yuan, the stated subsidy is 0.1 yuan, and the Wenzhou city subsidy is 0.1 yuan, the total will yield 1 million 620 thousand yuan. The subsidy of the state and the province is 20 years, the subsidy of Wenzhou city is 5 years, the lifetime of the solar equipment is more than 25 years, and the cost of investment can be recovered in less than 4 years, that is to say, the income of power generation will be beneficial in the next 21 years.

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